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Client Benefits

As our client, we will provide you with your own User ID that will allow you to access the following features: 

  • Record Retention Guidelines . . . Find out how long you need to keep your records.
  • Secure File Transfer. . .  You'll be able to transfer your computer files to our office, and receive files, including ad-hoc financial statements and copies of tax return, when needed.
  • End of Month Software procedures . . .We will make sure you know exactly how to transfer files to our office, including when to perform backups or other month-end administration.
  • Tax Returns . . . You'll have access to prior year business tax returns in PDF that are password protected and can be downloaded at any time to your computer
  • Calculator Library . . . You'll have access to online calculators that include calculating  Sales volume break-even analysis,Home Refinance or Break even calculator, and Amortizing Loan Calculator.  Other calculators will determine if your retirement plan is on track, estimate your Social Security benefits, determine if a Roth IRA or Traditional IRA is right for you,  determine if you should lease or buy an automobile, fine tune your college savings plan, or see how much you need in life insurance.

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