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Quickbooks & Peachtree Support

Mecklenburg Accounting & Taxes, Inc. in Charlotte, North Carolina provides complete support for Quickbooks and Peachtree users. After years of teaching Quickbooks and Peachtree in a classroom setting, we determined that classroom setting were not appropriate for most clients. Each client has individual needs that normally can only be provided for on a 1:1 basis. As a result we offer Quickbooks and Peachtree training at our office.

Once trained, we provide two methods of insuring your Quickbooks or Peachtree data is accurate. The first method involves you sending your data to us via our secure website. We then use your data to reconcile your bank account and make the necessary changes to prepare financial statements along with a cover sheet that explains the financials in plain terms so you can use the information to run your business. If you have payroll, we include  payroll reports, provide monthly tax deposit information, and when appropriate sales tax forms. We can either mail you the financials or you can go paperless and download the financials via our secure website.

The second method involves you maintaining  your own financial records on Quickbooks or Peachtree. We offer telephone support, follow-up training at our location, and when necessary, we can use software that allows us with your permission to access your computer. By accessing your computer, we can correct accounting errors, work through problems with the software, and provide training on invoicing, job costing , inventory control and other more advances uses of your software. At year end, we utilize your Quickbooks or Peachtree to complete your tax return. We make the necessary entries to bring your records into compliance with IRS regulations and provide you with a copy of the entries or directly access your software to correct your records. We also provide a quarterly payroll service where we prepare your payroll reports based on your information, making any necessary corrections, and provide you with accurate reports to send to the IRS and the various state authorities.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our services or need additional information. 

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